Zumtobel Group Award – OPVIUS receives award in the “Applied Innovations“ category
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  • Zumtobel Group Award – OPVIUS receives award in the “Applied Innovations“ category
2017-10-19 15:00

Zumtobel Group Award – OPVIUS receives award in the “Applied Innovations“ category

Kitzingen – Making organic photovoltaics available and applicable was the promise made by OPVIUS with Solar Trees at the Milan Expo in 2015. The fulfillment of this promise is documented by the project “From Solar Trees to Active Glass Façades“, which was accorded an “Honorable Mention“ in the “Applied Innovations“ category of the Zumtobel Group Award 2017.

The world-renowned architecture prize is funded by the eponymous Austrian lighting corporation Zumtobel Group. The prize recognizes future-orientated concepts and ideas intended to consolidate the important aspects of quality of life and sustainability in the spheres of architecture and design. The focus here is placed on the three categories “Applied Innovations“, “Buildings“ and “Urban Developments & Initiatives“, topics which will considerably affect life in the near future. Examples are the increasing scarcity of resources and raw materials, urgent concepts for urban development and land planning, and the application of new materials and alternative energies.

The project submitted by OPVIUS also fits this sphere. “We are very pleased with the distinction conferred by the jury of the Zumtobel Group Award. The development which we have implemented since Solar Trees at the Milan Expo is enormous. The application of organic photovoltaics through its integration in, for example, glass facades, polycarbonate sheets or on existing surfaces with the help of a new sticker solution is appropriately comprehensive”, says Dr. Ralph Pätzold, CEO of OPVIUS. “Networking with architects and partners is of prime importance to us in order to boost the development of technology and find new solutions to current and future issues. It so happens that in Asia the number of megacities is increasing further – with skyscrapers that seldom permit solutions for the integration of classic photovoltaics. For this reason, concepts for the world’s metropolises in which more and more people are going to live in future are of central importance for sustainable future energy supply. It is this issue of megacities that OPVIUS is solving with its technology. In this environment, the pressure to present solutions will even increase in the long term: Due to the ban on fossil fuels and the increasing demand for electric power, caused for example by e-mobility, electricity consumption in cities is going to increase disproportionately in future. OPVIUS is in a position to equip existing inner city spaces, including the enormous expanse of façades, and thus, with renewable energies, help solve the problems.“

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