"Tensegrity“, Schmidhuber Architects, Germany


  • Cell development
  • Electrical design
  • Ionic sculpture design


Projekt Goal:
Light-weight, stylish mounting concept for OPV application in urban landscape

„Tensegrity is one the one hand a reminiscence to what we did at the EXPO in Milan, but also showing a way forward how OPV modules could be integrated to create ionic sculptures that produce renewable power. We at Schmidhuber believe that the harmonization between the look of renewables and the surrounding is a must to get those technologies into the close proximity of human beings. Having something close to you is a matter of accepting the shape and the look. If it is too technical a natural distance is created.”

Lennart Wichell, Managing Partner Schmidhuber Architects Munich, Germany

About Schmidhuber:
WE DIMENSION BRANDS - SCHMIDHUBER has developed creative spatial brand staging for over 30 years. At the Munich head office, 70 experts from the fields of architecture, design, and communication strive for strong concepts, creating experience-oriented brand appearances. Depth of content, sustainable quality, and designer power are important to us. Our work has won us over 260 international prizes, and today we count among the leading specialists in the field of brand architecture worldwide.

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