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2013-09-24 12:00

BELECTRIC OPV presents the next generation of PV products

Nürnberg: This fall, BELECTRIC OPV is revealing the latest technological developments in the field of organic photovoltaics. With its 'Solarte' product line, the organic solar panel manufacturer appeals directly to designers and architects. For the first time, a technological innovation is being implemented into a market-ready photovoltaic product. The new product line aims to provide designers with style and design possibilities and open up completely new esthetic, ecological, and economic options for integrating photovoltaics into products and thereby generate energy for a range of applications at the very location they are used. The market launch will take place at the 28th EU PVSEC 2013 (European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition) being held in Paris between October 1 and 3, 2013 (Hall 2, stand B/17).

"We are looking forward to presenting the new 'Solarte' product line to the market at PVSEC and to demonstrate the huge advantages of printed organic photovoltaics on specific products," said Hermann Issa, Director of Business Development at BELECTRIC OPV.

The photovoltaic active base material manufactured by BELECTRIC OVP under the name 'Solarte' is characterized by freedom of design, shape, and material. It is ideally suited for simple integration into applications and products. In the printed OPV modules, energy is generated by organic carbon-based semiconductors under the influence of light. The solar panels are manufactured according to a cost-efficient printing procedure.

The flexible photovoltaics of the ‘Solarte’ series present completely new possibilities for the integration of energetically active components into architecture and product design. The range of application options could not be more diverse: The spectrum ranges from energy production for lighting objects, transparent and colored accessories for sport, leisure, and fashion, through to attractive PV surfaces to match the design, or inlays for product integration into all kinds of mobile and stationary applications. Furthermore, the new range also includes products that focus on the architecture sector and offer unprecedented possibilities for energy harvesting in façade design and urban furnishings.

Alongside the new 'Solarte' range, BELECTRIC OPV is also further developing the 'Power Plastic' product line, which is primarily aimed at large-scale industrial applications.

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