Sedze-Maubecq – Between Tradition and State-of-the-Art Technology
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2018-04-03 07:15

Sedze-Maubecq – Between Tradition and State-of-the-Art Technology

From left: C. Lamagnère (Sedze-Maubecq Deputy), M.R. Touya (Sedze-Maubecq Councillor), G. Tapie (Sedze-Maubecq Deputy), F. Plenecauste (Mayor of Andrest), C. Laban (Sedze-Maubecq Councillor), R. Hiorns (Iprem OPV Researcher), S. Cournet (Mayor of Villenav

Kitzingen, Germany – On 20th March, the municipality of Sedze-Maubecq received the OPVIUS GmbH board of managing directors, the company responsible for manufacturing semi-transparent and encapsulated polycarbonate (OPV) organic photovoltaic panels. This new technology, which is the first of its kind in Europe, has been installed in several communes in the community of Adour Madiran (CCAM) for the first time. Subsequently, following a partnership between Iprem (University of Pau) and CCAM, the Ministry of the Environment subsidized these installations as part of TEPCV (Positive Energy Territory). The mayor of Sedze-Maubecq, P. Baylère who also is head of this project, brought all the players together to present the new models of photovoltaic panels around a table filled with local produce. The company A. Laban from Sedze-Maubecq received no less than 5 medals (2x Gold, 2x silver and 1x bronze) for its foie gras, terrines and rillettes at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in February 2018. The present mayors and councillors also brought along their own homemade products. This event has been a promising prelude and culinary meeting of all representatives of the OPV project.

S. Counet, Mayor of Villenave-près-Béarn: "The actions of every resident in rural communities are a part of economic development. For example, the bread we had for this meal was made from wheat sown in Villenave, which was ground and kneaded in the same village by a local baker. "

F. Sebat, Mayor of Bédeille: "Developing short distribution routes in rural areas can only be achieved by maintaining high-quality family businesses and with a lower carbon footprint. All the dishes in the meals were conceived (with local produce) within 5 km of Sedze-Maubecq."

F. Bocher, Mayor of Ponson-Debat-Pouts: "The challenge is to show that every one of the 60 residents in our small town is able to take ownership for a state-of-the-art project to renovate the town hall and civic hall, whilst preserving everything that our forebears built. This means it is possible to reconcile tradition and innovation."

J. Lacaze, Mayor of Lamayou: "We are most eager to see these famous panels producing totally renewable electricity on the roof of our school in Pontiacq."

Ralph Paetzold, CEO of OPVIUS: "Visiting this region was a very positive experience for us: the way the projects are organized is very sympathetic and ‎unique. The projects here are composed by local persons for local persons - instead of investors and business people - with good understanding and very innovative spirit and having real use cases in mind. In this sense we were impressed by the high personal interest and involvement we got to experience. Cooperation in the running projects with the representatives of the region is very professional, yet personal and trustful."

Hermann Issa, Senior Director Business Development and Sales, OPVIUS: "The current projects clearly shows that integrated OPV ‎systems not only provides solutions for large cities but are also a perfect fit for the Adour Madiran region. We are sure that more such unique solutions can be deployed in the future as our OPV material somehow respects the local landscape. This, combined with approval from Bâtiments de France for their installation near heritage sites, makes it possible to propose adapted solutions. "

Tobias Sauermann, Director Production, OPVIUS: "It is a pleasure to see how well our products fit to the local buildings and environment. These kinds of projects are a source of motivation ‎for our daily work as they point out that the symbiosis of solar energy harvesting and rural society can better than classical rooftop or solar farm installations."

Roger Hiorns, Head of Research, CNRS, IPREM/UPPA: "It's great to have the chance to work with OPVIUS and local stakeholders. Once the projects in the communes for the community of Adour-Madiran have been completed, we will work with the teachers in the schools concerned to educate children about how organic photovoltaics (OPV) work to help us move towards a sustainable future. "

JM Sotiropoulos, Director of Research, representing IPREM: "It is essential to develop close collaboration between University and industry. It is a positive system for everyone concerned, including students. The partnership projects on applied research with the industrialists and the local communities will always have Iprem's support. "

P. Baylère, Mayor of Sedze-Maubecq, CNRS Iprem Engineer, TEPCV project leader: "The community wishes to produce more renewable energy than it consumes. To do this, the renewal of energy in communal buildings is underway with the installation of organic photovoltaic panels. This desire to look to the future should not be to the detriment of the know-how we have received from our forebears. Today's meeting between industry and local producers shows that it is possible to reconcile Tradition and Biodiversity ".

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