OPV glass façade installation for an exterior lift shaft
OPV glass façade installation for an exterior lift shaft, Marburg, Germany


  • OPV cell development
  • Electrical design
  • OPV glass facade


BI-Powersol, a product of BGT Bischoff Glas Technik AG using OPV modules from OPVIUS GmbH (formerly BELECTRIC OPV), has passed the project specific impact test for laminated glass to be installed vertically in elevated height. The test were made in conjunction with a glass façade project done in Marburg, Germany where a OPV-glass façade is used to ventilate an exterior lift shaft attached to an existing building. The project was planned and supervised by Timo Carl Architecture, Kassel. 

The power generated by the OPV is used to ventilate the lift shaft in order to prevent heat accumulation in the inside leading to uncomfortable conditions when using the installation. In order to comply with building codes and safety regulations for vertical integration of laminated glass, shatterproof test were made and passed for this specific project. By passing these tests at a certified test house the “BI-Powersol” products range shows their compliance to market regulations and thus furthermore demonstrates that OPV laminated in glass can perfectly act as multifunctional façade material for the construction industry. For the project in Marburg a family of customized and semi-transparent OPV modules was designed and manufactured by OPVIUS using blue colored LISICON® active material supplied by Merck KGaA, which then were laminated into façade glass by BGT.

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