OPVIUS OPV system for Velotaxis
2017-06-06 13:07

Installation of OPVIUS OPV system creates added value for Velotaxis

Customers using the infrastructure run by solar energy to charge their mobile devices.
Close-up of the OPV solar umbrellas on the bearing structure of the “Climate Pavilion”

Kitzingen, Germany - It was a special appearance for the three Velotaxis. At the start of this year’s Mannheim May Market, the biggest regional consumer fair in Germany, the Mannheim-based energy company MVV Energie presented its new corporate identity and introduced the Velotaxis with their solar-based charging systems using organic PV modules as an example of the tangible value of renewable energies and energy supply. The energy generated by the modules is stored in a charging infrastructure and can be used by Velotaxi customers to charge their mobile devices.

The Velotaxis were brought to the OPVIUS GmbH production site in Kitzingen shortly before their appearance at the event by Carina Heinz, Managing Director of Velotaxi Generalvertretung Deutschland, where the modules and charging infrastructures were installed. The OPV modules were mounted on polycarbonate panels and integrated into the roofs of the bicycle taxis. The particularly striking feature of organic photovoltaics in this application is that the performance of the OPV is not dependant on the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays. This, in addition to the flexibility of the panels, means that they can be adapted to the shape of the bicycle taxis to achieve maximum efficiency and charging capacity.

Equipping three Velotaxis with OPV modules was a first step towards making integrated photovoltaics a tangible experience. The users of the Velotaxis can directly experience the added value created by a PV installation without any of the negative aspects typically associated with solar energy such as a lack of aesthetics or difficult integration. The printed OPV modules manufactured by OPVIUS GmbH are unique in providing freedom in selecting colours and forms. Given that the OPV modules on the CityCruiser model are installed on a transparent roof, visitor taking a tour will also be able to come into direct contact with the technology.

Hermann Issa, Senior Director Business Development and Sales at OPVIUS commented: “The Velotaxi project is a very attractive collaboration for us. It not only gives us an opportunity to put our OPV modules to good use, it also brings the technology that bit closer to the consumer. As market leaders, we want to create awareness of the advantages of organic photovoltaics and to trigger a rethink of the future use of solar technologies in integrated systems, proving their direct value to users.”

The installation of organic photovoltaics in Velotaxi’s environmentally friendly bicycle taxis is also an innovation for the taxis, and benefits all parties. “We are delighted to be realising this joint project with OPVIUS GmbH. We had been thinking about equipping our Velotaxis with organic photovoltaics for some time. Organic photovoltaics give our advertising clients free rein when it comes to form and colour, which opens up new design options for the bicycles,” said Carina Heinz, Managing Director of Velotaxi Generalvertretung Deutschland.

The next opportunity for customers to use the Velotaxis with the integrated OPVIUS OPV modules will be in Mannheim from 10 to 12 June 2017. The bicycles will be a feature of the anniversary event to celebrate “200 Years of the Bicycle” at the “Monnem Bike Festival” and will be used to take visitors around the city.

About Velotaxi: Velotaxi – a Berlin success story. Formed in Berlin in 1997, the Velotaxi network has now taken on an international dimension. Velotaxis can be found wherever there is demand for environmentally friendly inner-city transport. They are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and reduce exhaust fumes in cities, as well as providing a flexible and reliable additional means of transportation to support urban transport networks. The modern bicycle taxis combine striking advertising opportunities with CO2-free passenger transport, and are now in regular service in 20 German cities as well as being used advertising and events.

Contact for press enquiries: Carina Heinz, Managing Director eco next GmbH Velotaxi Generalvertretung Deutschland Marienstraße 19/20, 10117 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 30 28031609, E-mail: info@velotaxi.de

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