OPVIUS OPV Solartree®
OPVIUS OPV Solartree®, Kitzingen, Germany


  • Solartree®
  • OPV Banana Tree
  • Solar active leaves
  • Urban furniture


Project Goal:
The OPV Solartree® is a unique design installation - inspired by nature. It shows how flexible and aesthetically attractive organic photovoltaic is, compared to classical photovoltaic. The OPV Solartree® supports the regenerative and ecofriendly message of the area it is installed in. 

The Solartree® in shape of a banana tree accumulates energy in a power bank. Bystanders can charge their mobile devices via a USB port directly at the OPV Solartree®. Additionally the tree's leaves give light through small LEDs attached to the end of the leaves.

Dr. Ralph Pätzold, CEO OPVIUS GmbH

PDF-Download: OPVIUS OPV Solartree®

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