Energy-Generating Curtain Systems
2018-02-28 10:49

Energy-Generating Curtain Systems – Oskar WIDMER, SunCurtain and OPVIUS embark on Cooperation

Dr. Michael Müller, Managing Director of Oscar WIDMER GmbH and Hermann Issa, Senior Director Business Development and Sales at OPVIUS GmbH, during contract signing. Stephan Hildebrandt, Product Manager of SunCurtain GmbH.

Lorsch/Kitzingen, Germany - Hardly any surfaces are better suited for the generation of solar energy than sun protection systems. Conventional sun protection facilities encounter limits when it comes to contributing towards energy-policy targets. How often are curtains closed to avoid glare when at the same time the lighting is switched on to make work possible again?

“Every kilowatt hour saved protects the environment and the wallet.“ ­– Under this motto, the Kitzinger start-up SunCurtain GmbH has developed a shading system in which curtains become small power plants! The “curtain material“ consists of flexible photovoltaic panels made by OPVIUS GmbH and becomes a classic lamella curtain boasting the following qualities: Coloured, transparent lamellas let only a part of visible light through. Ultraviolet and infrared radiation is suppressed, which benefits the room atmosphere. Thanks to print technology, adjustments to design and format are easy. And the most important quality: the curtains produce electricity! These disruptive product features may revolutionise the market for curtain systems. This fact has also been recognised by the firm Oskar WIDMER GmbH, a specialist in the field of sun protection and spring technology based in Lorsch, which is convinced of the innovative character of SunCurtain products.  Initially, the products of SunCurtain GmbH will be introduced via existing market channels and, in the next step, will supplement the portfolio of Oskar WIDMER GmbH in the form of photovoltaic active solar protection solutions, e.g. awnings.  

To give substance to the cooperation, the companies signed the relevant cooperation agreement on 27.02.2018 at the stand of Oskar WIDMER GmbH at R+T 2018 – the world fair for roller blinds, rolling shutters and sun protection

Stephan Hildebrandt, Product Manager at SunCurtain GmbH: “We are very happy that our idea has immediately attracted such interest from existing market players. In Oskar WIDMER GmbH we have found a partner who shares our market comprehension – sun curtain systems can contribute towards the attainment of climate-policy goals.“ He adds: “The new regulations on feeding into house networks make it far easier to use our systems to offset energy consumption. After all, the curtain can either be plugged into the electric socket or connected to a battery power source and thus attain maximum utility for the user.“

“The OPV curtain system is a great idea. We always endeavour to offer our customers solutions that give them the highest possible utility value.  The ideas of SunCurtain raise the sphere of innovative curtains to a completely new level,“ says Dr. Michael Müller, Managing Director of Oskar WIDMER GmbH. “In the end, a curtain is very easy to install and can be easily integrated into existing buildings. In this way the energy efficiency of a building can be boosted by a retrofit measure and with only a minimal intrusion into the building‘s substance.“

The many possible uses of SunCurtain products are based on cooperation with OPVIUS GmbH in the sphere of printed organic photovoltaic. Through the unique combination of coating, print and laser processes, colours and surface texture can be chosen and in intensity and configuration altered.

“We are happy to accept SunCurtain and WIDMER to our network as further partner firms. We believe SunCurtain pursues the right idea: Introducing to the market products made possible only with printed OPV technology. This results is completely new opportunities in the most varied spheres,“ says Hermann Issa, Senior Director Business Development and Sales at OPVIUS GmbH. “We at OPVIUS are pleased with any such advancement and support it in the most varied ways. After all, it will also be a success for us when existing glass-facade buildings are fitted with SunCurtain systems or when office buildings can implement their energy-savings measures thanks to them. Last but not least, thanks to the freedom of design, I can see OPV curtains also in use in residential spaces.“

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