OPV materials are robust and durable over decades

Back in 2012 OPVIUS has installed its first grid-connected OPV system. Based on flexible, organic photovoltaic elements representing the technological state-of-the art at the time, the system had a nominal output of 0.2 kW.

Today, the same system has become the longest operating grid connected OPV system to date, showing no apparent degradation over four years. Moreover, the system has been delivering durable energy yields, which exceed the simulated power outputs with an additional 7%.

The close work with our strategic partners allows us to greatly improve the robustness and durability of our OPV products by maintaining their long term operational stability, as we recently showed during the International Summit on Hybrid and Organic PV Stability in Freiburg, Germany (ISOS-9’16). Tested under extreme conditions and according to the IEC 61646 specification, the electrical performance of our modules (more than 50 W/m^2 in semi-transparent configuration) remains stable after 1000h at 85oC and 85% humidity.

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