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R&D projects to innovate our future

Organic photovoltaics is not just some kind of another solar PV product. It's a new groundbreaking technology which changes the way power generation is integrated in our life. It enables nearly invisible energy harvesting for buildings. It is the enabler technology for smart, mobile IoT devices.

With Research and Development projects OPVIUS provides different ways to integrate organic photovoltaics - customized to your requirements. 

Development of a multifunctional façade element with a high degree of prefabrication

Façade³: efficient – active – modular

The aim of the Façade³ project is the development of a multifunctional façade element with a high degree of prefabrication. The core parts are an activated building envelope (organic photovoltaics), an innovative sun protection (selective and active) and sustainable insulation materials. Another important aspect is the integration of sensor technology and an integral control concept. The developed façade elements will be demonstrated and monitored in a multi-storey building to show and investigate their functionality.

Development and demonstration of multi-functional, building-integrated, photovoltaically active façade elements


The objective of the Standard-BIPV project is the development and demonstration of multi-functional, building-integrated, photovoltaically active façade elements, among others based on OPV, characterized by a high level of aesthetics.

Development of a high-quality barrier foil


The objective of OPVcaps is the development of a high-quality barrier foil fulfilling industrial standards for the encapsulation of OPV modules.



ETFE-MFM will develop, evaluate and demonstrate a PV module with additional functionalities to be used in BIPV. The project will build a self-contained building module consisting of ETFE, PV, illumination devices and integrated circuits, to open up new sustainable lighting possibilities.

INDIUM-FREE transparent conductive oxides for glass and plastic substrates


INFINITY will develop an inorganic alternative to a scarce and high cost material, indium tin oxide (ITO), currently used as a Transparent Conductive Coating (TCC) for display electrodes on glass and plastic substrates.

Further development of the perovskite solar cell concept


The objective of the MesoPIN project is the further development of the perovskite solar cell concept. Besides the other solar cell technologies, perovskites could be another alternative energy source for mobile and stationary applications in the future.

Processing and control of novel nanomaterials in packaging, automotive and solar panel processing lines


With nanotechnology both in bulk and surface application, OPTINANOPRO will deliver demonstrators of packaging with improved barrier properties as well as with repellent properties resulting in easy-to-empty features that will on the one hand reduce wastes at consumer level.

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