OPV Vision

Entering the Next Generation of Sustainable Energy Harvesting

Today, most populations of our earth are agreed, that our future way of life should be concentrate on a sustainable use of nature materials. We should conserve our nature environments, to safe the healthy interaction of flora and fauna. A piece of green land offers multiple ways of usage:

Conservation & reservation of wildlife

Utilization for food production

Utilization for our living areas

Harvesting electricity with PV

Our VISION starts a few years ago, when we have learned how Organic Photovoltaics can change our world and combine these important elements. Usual energy resources - if renewable or not – belongs to more or less consumption of raw materials particularly rare earth. The electricity will be generated in big centralized power plants.

But why, is the power not be generated at the place where it is needed? We at OPVIUS have found different ways to integrate Organic PV in different surfaces and products. Its high flexibility, low weight and low manufacturing cost enabling the development of new consumer nomadic applications and the long term perspective of easy deployment in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and energy production farms.

  • Energy Production entering personal livingspace
  • Buildings are Emotional
  • Harmonization of appearance – Part of Design
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates & Regulations instead of Feed-in-tarrifs
  • Construction Material instead of PV Product

Let’s design a nature friendly future with OPV.

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