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The latest OPVIUS news

In this category we like to inform about our latest press releases and reviews. For any questions related to our press work please contact our marketing team

The project involved the analysis and evaluation of OPVIUS GmbH's modular OPV technology to underpin the CE declaration.

Graubner Industrie-Beratung and OPVIUS: CE marking of OPV modules

20. Apr 2017 / by OPVIUS

During the CE conformity assessment procedure, the various relevant aspects of the product were examined and checked with regard to the applicable regulations. The joint project declares the CE conformity of OPVIUS OPV technology.

The world’s first large-scale polycarbonate laminated OPV modules have been delivered to the CCAM

High-tech solar power for cultural sites

29. Mar 2017 / by OPVIUS

If you want to combine a safe, reliable renewable energy source with stunningly beautiful aesthetics, the answer is Organic Photovoltaics. This revolutionary technology is about to make a step-change: the world’s first large-scale polycarbonate laminated OPVIUS modules have been delivered to the Communauté de Communes Adour-Madiran (CCAM) in France.

Rebranding reflects increased customer interest of customized OPV


02. Feb 2017 / by OPVIUS

Rebranding of BELECTRIC OPV GmbH to OPVIUS GmbH reflects increased customer interest in customized organic photovoltaics (OPV) solutions. The brand OPVIUS® responds to more design and aesthetic-driven customer communications as well as also emphasizes the company’s autonomy.

Building integrated PV plays essential role in energy-efficient buildings

Innovation Award Architecture+ Building

19. Jan 2017 / by OPVIUS

OPVIUS, market leader in organic photovoltaics, announced that its product line, co-developed with Merck, a leading science and technology company, received the Innovation Award Architecture + Building at the BAU 2017 on Monday January 16th.

Safety tests with Organic PV in glass façades passed

OPV installation in Marburg

14. Dec 2016 / by OPVIUS

BI-Powersol, a product of BGT Bischoff Glas Technik AG using OPV modules BELECTRIC OPV, has passed the project-specific impact test for laminated glass to be installed vertically at an elevated height.

Commissioned in 2012, based on flexible, OPV elements

First grid-connected OPV system

07. Oct 2016 / by OPVIUS

In 2012, the first grid-connected OPV system was commissioned at Mainova AG in Frankfurt. This system is not only our first grid-connected OPV system, but also the one longest in operation. Since 2012, nine flexible and transparent OPV modules in the form of a sun sail, with a total capacity of 0.2 kW, have graced a building on the energy provider's premises.

Lapp and OPVIUS conclude strategic partnership

New connection technology for OPV

12. Sep 2016 / by OPVIUS

The Lapp Group, a leading manufacturer of connection solutions, and OPVIUS, the market leader in organic photovoltaics (OPV), have concluded an agreement establishing a close partnership. The two companies will jointly develop new technologies for connection and cabling of flexible OPV modules.

Organic PV for Vic-Montaner

01. Dec 2015 / by OPVIUS

Having a superior design while retaining good functionality is visible trend in many industries. However, over the last decade the conventional PV market has been rushing in a different direction often ignoring design and aesthetics.

Merck´s new lisicon formulation

26. Nov 2015 / by OPVIUS

Merck, a leading science and technology company, announced that semi-transparent coloured OPV modules are now available on the market. The new materials were successfully developed with OPVIUS.

Africa supplies OPV electricity

29. Sep 2015 / by OPVIUS

In collaboration with Carl Stahl Architektur and Merck, OPVIUS (formerly BELECTRIC OPV) has developed for the African Union an unique energy-generating shade sail in the shape of the African continent.

BELECTRIC OPV releases novel Design-2-Module process

24. Jun 2015 / by OPVIUS

BELECTRIC OPV has brought the usability and acceptance of OPV to a new level by being able to design and manufacture modules in customized shapes and various colours.

Heraeus and BELECTRIC deepen collaboration for next-generation OPV

01. Jun 2015 / by OPVIUS

Heraeus, a partner of BELECTRIC OPV in development of organic photovoltaics, plays a key role in BELECTRIC’s innovative technology through the supply of vital components.

Merck and BELECTRIC Presents OPV Trees at EXPO 2015 in Milan

07. May 2015 / by OPVIUS

The German Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan has integrated a new solar cell technology into architecture: flexible organic photovoltaics (OPV). With its innovative materials Merck is providing the key active component of the OPV solar trees.

Schmidhuber and BELECTRIC OPV energize German EXPO pavilion

26. Jun 2014 / by OPVIUS

For the German pavilion at the 2015 world exhibition in Milan new ground is being broken with the integration of OPV in architecture. This is the first major international architecture project in which OPV elements are being used.

Sustainable Cooperation

18. Mar 2014 / by OPVIUS

OPV specialist BELECTRIC and construction paint and insulation system manufacturer DAW SE have joined forces to work on the integration of cutting-edge organic photovoltaics into different construction product-lines and their respective components.

BGT and BELECTRIC present marketready OPV glass elements

11. Feb 2014 / by OPVIUS

The combination of glass with innovative OPV will be trendsetting both architecturally and commercially. The result of the joint development project of BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG and BELECTRIC OPV GmbH is now available on the market with the product ’BI-Powersol’.

BELECTRIC OPV Nominated for Renowned GreenTec Award

16. Jan 2014 / by OPVIUS

This year, the renowned company BELECTRIC OPV GmbH and its ground-breaking "Solarte" product line have been nominated in two categories for the GreenTec Awards 2014, Europe's biggest environmental and business awards.

SOLARTE - A New Kind of Photovoltaics

24. Sep 2013 / by OPVIUS

This fall, BELECTRIC OPV is revealing the latest technological developments in the field of organic photovoltaics. With its 'Solarte' product line, the organic solar panel manufacturer appeals directly to designers and architects.

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