Electronic devices

Electronic devices powered by OPV

Electronic devices can be found everywhere in today's environment. From mobile devices and consumer electronic to fixed devices depending on power requirements, all devices can be supplied with organic photovoltaics. The advantage is obvious!

Organic PV can be applied as an active liquid to almost any material. Shape, color and transparency can be freely selected. In this way, smart phones, ballpoint pens, covers and more can be provided with electricity.

The Internet of Things is therefore a large area where OPV can ensure that small and primarily networked devices requiring invisible power sources are supplied with sufficient power to operate their communication electronics.

Mobile consumer electronics such as wearables need new self-supplying technologies to develop catchy products that meet our lifestyle requirements. That way our clothing and handbags could generate electricity to self-supply their smart electronics.

OPV powered electronic devices:

  • Mobile devices
  • Stationary devices
  • Small electronic parts
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Internet of Things
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