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D2M form

OPV Design-to-Module service

An easy way to get a customized OPV module to power your electronic devices with organic PV


Design-to-Module (D2M) is a free and nonbinding form to specify your request for OPV modules, which are special designed to supply electronic devices.

This is how it works: Please provide us with the necessary input in order to turn your vision into a CAD drawing of an OPV module based on our design rules, your performance requirements and some necessary electrical simulations. In return you will get feedback on how to realise your idea and an offer without obligation.

As the D2M tool is designed for small devices and consumer electronics OPVIUS currently offers two different dimension sets: You can either choose a maximum width of your design of below 7cm or below 15cm. The length of the module should not exceed 45cm. Within these boundaries you can draw any module shape you want - including freeform. Please do not draw multiple identical modules in one box, as we will do the grouping of the modules for production anyway.

For any intended designs that cannot be reproduced using the above sizes and/or the below options, or if your field of application is different please contact us directly as we will be delighted to offer more options to fulfil your requirements by direct communication.

Please note that we address our offers only to commercial customers.

Design-to-Module 7-steps process

Step 1

Please make a drawing of the perimeter of the surface you want to cover with OPV including a 5 mm transparent rim for reasons of encapsulation and the positions envisioned for the electrical contacts.

Step 2

The aforementioned drawing should contain all dimensions needed to allow for further processing. You can also use not-to-scale drawings (PowerPoint or hand-scribbles) as long as all relevant specifications are given.

Step 3

This file should be uploaded as PDF or DXF.

Step 4

Fill in the form below, including the desired performance specifications (in the case that you cannot specify them, please indicate the foreseen application and we will provide a suggestion) and the options you would like to add.

Step 5

We will use a semitransparent device design using a blue absorber material. If you would like something different, please let us know.

Step 6

Answer the security question, push the confirmation button and stay tuned for our response. We will get back to you with a comprehensive answer ASAP and aim to respond within three working days.

Step 7

However, due to the high interest in our services at the moment please allow some more time for our reply. In any case you will get a confirmation email within 24 h that your request has been received.

Design-to-Module form: Your request for proposal

The following webform is intended for product developers, designers and manufacturers to inquire about Organic PV prototypes specially adapted to your requirements. To receive a quick proposal it is necessary to give us all required information about your OPV powered target product.

Your contact details:

Please confirm that you are acting on behalf of a commercial legal entity:*


Some details of your Organic Photovoltaics request:



Options for contacting:
Number of devices:
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