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An easy way to find an integrated solution for building-integrated OPV.

OPVIUS is a company that manufactures customized OVP modules for individual projects, which should be understood as semi-finished goods. Together with our partner companies those semi-finished goods are integrated into the construction material of choice to form a multi-functional material to be used for integrated energy harvesting surfaces in construction projects. Accordingly OPV cannot be assessed like a standard module based PV technology.

The first challenge

OPV is not a standard PV technology and cannot be compared to „standard PV offerings“ using the traditional key performance indicators, like cost, performance and so on in first instance.

Asking us „What are the cost and the performance of OPV?“ is like asking your car dealer „What are the cost of a car and how fast will it run?“. He will certainly respond „What kind of car are you looking for?“. There are so many different kinds of cars with different look, color, usage profile, engine performance, and so on, that without a definition no price or performance can be stated. Same is true for OPV - this is important to understand.

Therefore we need your information about your project and your intention; otherwise we are not able to provide any numbers. We know this creates effort on your side ( and also on our side), but any numbers stated upfront is mere guessing and wrong by orders of magnitude in worst case…by working together we can explore the endless possibilities of OPV and create your unique solution. If you want to have a top-notch technology with the highest possible combination of aesthetics and performance, you will have to go this way with us.

The starting point: How should the underlying OPV module(s) look like?

The first technical topic to get solved is how the modules should look like. OPV installations are typically an arrangement of individual modules. Those modules can either be identical or different. However it is advised not to use too many different modules as this increases cost. Most installations are done using either 1 module type or a kind of family concept, with 5 different modules types at max, being e.g. different sizes of the same pattern. The modules itself can vary in size from extremely small to endlessly big, which might not be such a big difference to you, once they are integrated into or on the carrier material, but the complexity of the system rises with the amount of modules (electrical connections) but also if the size of the individual modules get too big for easy handling during assembly on our side. So anything between 10 and 100 cm edge length is quite favorable.

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