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Building-integrated Organic Photovoltaics

Building-Integrated PV (BIPV) and Building-Adapted PV (BAPV) is one of the main business areas of recent OPV applications. Building-integrated organic PV is aimed at utilizing large areas of building envelopes to generate eco-friendly electricity. It has a double benefit because the OPV envelopes and facades protect the building against heat and UV irradiation and generate electricity.

Advantages of building-integrated Organic Photovoltaics over traditional systems: the initial cost can be offset by reducing the amount spent on building materials and labor. BIPV using OPV is lightweight, semitransparent and can be applied onto curved surfaces and glass. Architects can play around with transparency and color. Thanks to its high level of integration and excellent power efficiency under diffuse light conditions, OPV can be used to generate electricity invisible to the observer. OPV-active facade systems are one way of achieving a better eco-balance at minimum effort, while generating higher building book value and earnings. Thus OPV Systems do not need upfront investment – they are paid for by lowering the cost of the building and the power comes for free.

OPVIUS characteristics for BIPV/BAPV:

  • OPV combines aesthetics and functionality
  • No dependence on irradiation angles
  • Choice of colors and transparency levels
  • Rock solid quality is proven by IEC lifetime tests

Energy harvesting and high capacity OPV manufacturing

Depending on its carrier materials OPV elements are available in different formats: Flexible OPV laminates can be integrated into glass facades, curtain walls, roofs and many other surfaces of our environment to produce efficient energy. The main aspect is the high volume productivity which give us the possibility to produce a high number of consistent OPV elements in one production line at low manufacturing costs. With this manufacturing process OPVIUS and its facade production partners can energize a whole skyscraper with all its individual glass elements in a little while.

OPVIUS brings high performance to glass with OPV laminates you can see through. Semi-transparent elements are adding values to walls, windows and skylights. Now your building can actually harvest electricity, helping to take your building from net-zero to net-plus.


Unlike the individual integration our industrial OPV products are geared to use as a mass product for the generation of organic solar power. This is about new manufacturing processes OPV laminates to produce the highest possible throughput, low cost and high durability. 

Our beauty is something to behold. Never before has solar power looked this good. OPVIUS products comes as both opaque and semi-transparent solar panels. Being thin and flexible, we are able to mold to the curves and contours of your designs. This means you are no longer limited to installing rigid, black, silicon solar panels. OPVIUS gives you the freedom to create solar powered buildings that embrace the beauty of your creations.

Thin, Flexible, Lightweight & Attractive
OPVIUS's flexibility and attractiveness lends itself to custom applications conceived by creative architects and designers. It's also light enough to be easily incorporated onto canopies, carports, canvas tents and other unique shade structures.

Very Easy to Install
OPVIUS's flexibility enables it to integrate seamlessly with the unique, custom designs, and this ease of integration pleases everyone.

Are you interested in Building Integrated Organic Photovoltaics?

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