ElekTree, Avans University, The Netherlands


  • Cell development
  • Electrical design
  • Product design


Project Goal:
Creating a power-generating sculpture with an unexpected appearance

"I wanted to create a power-supplying sculpture with my students, which is developing into a totally unexpected shape, to engage with the contradiction between what people believe is “power generating” and what can be done if OPV technology is used. With our ElekTree we can show people that the modern form of power generation can be interpreted in a completely different way from what most people first have in mind. On the other hand, this project helps to train my students to think out of the box and have them break new ground to create the most impact from their activities. So we are currently in the planning phase for an ElekTree2, which will be similar but have a much larger footprint.”

Prof. Dr. Karel Spee, Avans University

About Avans:
The basic principle behind Avans University of Applied Sciences is rooted in and springs from its social environment. To maintain and expand its value within its environment, Avans must continue to meet the changing demands of the labor market and the world of work.

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