"Cocoon" by University of Applied Science Würzburg
"Cocoon" by University of Applied Science Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany


  • OPV integration
  • Installation in foil
  • Charging system


Project Goal:
"Cocoon" a shadowing solution that is made by strecht foil using integrated OPV to power the lighting system at night. 

For the project "Cocoon" OPVIUS provided OPV modules to a group of students of the faculty of architecture of University of Applied Science Würzburg lead by Prof. Prof. Stefan Niese and Prof. Dr. Normen Langner. The OPV is integrated in the strech-film based installation and connected to an eletrical system designed by the University together with OPVIUS. The energy harvested is used to power the illumination during nighttime.

Rebecca Bönnighausen, Project Managment at OPVIUS GmbH

High-Tech versus Nature:
The light-weight, spontaneous architecture of the project populates the environment of LAB 13 (as part of Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018) and exaggerates in its form the process of occupying and networking of things and places.

© Copyright of all project-related pictures: Philipp Knaus, Dieter Leistner, Sonkoy Mamani Bath

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